Friday, September 14, 2007

Inching Towards the Weekend

Man oh man; what a Friday it’s been. If I didn’t already have plans to go out carousing this eve I would be completely content to head home and read my current favorite book, Matt Fraction’s Casanova. I, for one, am very happy how this guy has blown up of late; I’ve been a fan of his ever since his book “Last of the Independents” (if you haven’t checked it out, do try and track down a copy). Casanova is one of those books that just plain makes me laugh out loud – it’s very much in the vein of Ellis’ work (such as his vastly under-appreciated ‘NextWave’), in that the book is inherently self-referential in the way it plays with the conventions of comic books, but it also manages to incorporate my favorite field of study (quantum mechanics), which always scores big points in my book. Casanova is in the midst of a new story arc, but I definitely recommend that you pick up the first trade first so that you know what the heck is going on.

Back to a bit of Fox Atomic Comics: if you missed it, the fine folks over at Aint It Cool News posted an excellent review of The Nightmare Factory! An excerpt is below, but HEAD HERE ( to read the full review!

From the review: “There isn’t a story in this book that doesn’t have the highest amount of professionalism added to it. Fox Atomic really has put together a special compilation and this is by far the best book the company has published to date.”

That’s all for now boys, girls, and who/whatever else is out there. More next week. As always, be excellent to each other.


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