Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Nightmare Factory – IGN Exclusive Pages!

The fine folks over at the IGN.com Comics page have posted a few exclusive interior pages from our upcoming graphic novel The Nightmare Factory! If you’re visiting on Tuesday, head over to http://comics.ign.com to check ‘em out – you can’t miss the link! Let us know what you think of the pages, and more Nightmare Factory goodness to follow this week, including a bit more info on that horror movie we shot last week…

I’m also re-posting this from yesterday, mainly because I think it’s really damn cool. BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM has posted a review of the 28 Weeks Later DVD, on which you can find animated versions of two of the stories from 28 Days Later: The Aftermath! I’m a big fan of these animatic animations that we’ve produced for our books… you may even see one for The Nightmare Factory!

From the BLOODY DISGUSTING review:
“The most intriguing features are two bonus short films. Essentially a Anamatic interpretations of the Fox Atomic’s 28 DAYS LATER Graphic Novels, the first, STAGE 1: DEVELOPMENT, is a 7-minute look at the history of the creation of the rage virus by Cambridge University scientists. The second, STAGE 3: DECIMATION is a much shorter look at a vigilante solider fighting a one-man war against the infected on the streets of London. The artwork, in a sometimes slick, sometimes sketched, comic book style along with the voice over narration provides for a very cool supplement and easily the best feature this DVD has to offer—aside from the film of course. These final two extras typify what great bonus materials should be—an extension of the film that enhances the viewing experience. I really hope we see more of this type of thing on future releases.”


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