Monday, March 19, 2007

Wizard World LA: The Aftermath

This past weekend the Fox Atomic / Fox Atomic Comics crew attended the Wizard World Los Angeles comics convention; all in all it was a great show! We all had a good time hanging out on the show floor in the Fox Atomic booth, and on Saturday Hills 2 director Martin Weisz and star Michael McMillian (both really cool guys, and comics fans to boot) impressed the crowds with some special Hill Have Eyes 2 footage as well as stories from the set. Jimmy Palmiotti pretty much stole the show at the Fox Atomic Comics panel on Saturday with his tips on how to ‘zombie proof’ your house. We taped the panel so we plan to feature it along with an ongoing ‘Jimmy’s Tips for a Zombie-Proof House’ video series; watch for them both! Big thanks to Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, Martin Weisz, Michael McMillian, and everyone else who came out to show their support and love. I got some wonderful new toys too (a la Batman), so I'm one happy camper all around.

Don’t forget – Hills 2 opens everywhere THIS Friday! Keep checking back for a look at the final cover for The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novel as well!


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