Friday, March 30, 2007

One Day Closer to 28

It’s Friday, and your friendly neighborhood Editor in Chief is dealing with a massive headache from a very late night last night. That doesn’t really have any bearing on this section, per se, but I thought I would let you know in case today’s entry was shorter than normal (or chock-full of misspellings).

Anyway, I have been on an indie comics kick since a good friend gave me an incredible graphic novel that I had not yet read titled Blankets (written by Craig Thompson). It’s an amazing memoir of a boy growing up and his experiences with his first ‘true love’, and all of the heartbreak that comes with such things. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend that you do so; I traded her my copy of Brian Wood’s DEMO, one of my all time favs. Read that too if you haven’t.

And the countdown continues! 28 Days Later: The Aftermath comes out next Wednesday, 4/4/07!


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